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Milky Way 
Picture Books

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Illustration from THE NEW FRIEND © Benjamin Chaud

Our Catalog

Milky Way Picture Books is a new independent imprint dedicated to illustrated children’s books, located near Montréal, Canada. In our house, we believe it’s never too early to nurture the idea that books are special spaces in which to experience and share moments of beauty. By sparking a child’s interest in literature, storytelling, illustration, and art, we hope to make the act of discovering books something they’ll want to repeat. Our mission at Milky Way Picture Books is to stimulate children’s passion for beautiful books.

Our titles stand out for their narrative, literary, graphic, and material qualities. Even though fictional work is at the core of our publishing program, Milky Way Picture Books is open to various genres of illustrated books, including picture books, comics, word books, and non-fiction books.

Titles published by Milky Way Picture Books will be available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand starting in August 2021. 

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